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Welcome to PreGrid! If you are a Driver, Team Owner, Sponsor or Fan, you have just taken a BIG step toward success in the exciting world of Motorsports.

You've heard the term "PreGrid" for years. It asks, "Are you Ready to Race?" It reminds you to be prepared. It's the moment your heart begins to pound.

Founded by Sponsors and Drivers...

Simply put, PreGrid provides its members exposure to active Sponsors. Driver and Team Members are actively promoted to pools of PreGrid Sponsors that want to pay you to race.

PreGrid is not new, it is putting a new spin on the traditional Driver/Sponsor relationship that is driving new and MORE sponsors to Motorsports...

Are you Ready to Race? Are you in PreGrid?


Newest Members -
Member # 44 signed up today... so this list is now rotating.

Mark Mager -- Stage Rally Car # 424- Rally Cross (updated)
Wayne Roche - Road Course Racing - Rally Cross (site pending)
Paul Eklund -- Champion Rally Driver - car #233 - Solo Champion
Pat Harris -- Fling Pu Racing Car #459 - Stage Rally (updated)
Keith Rodda -- Rally Cross Competitor
Barrett Dash -- Stage Rally - Car #294 (pictures pending)
Nickolas Tomlinson -- Micro Sprints / Dirt Oval - Cage Kart #16 (stats pending)
Michael Bosch -- Stage Rally / Rally Cross Car #220 (pictures pending)
Terry Christensen -- Stage Rally - Car #260
April Smith -- Stage Rally - Car #132
Scott Kovalik -- Stage Rally - Car # 454 - Rally Cross car # 202.
David DeRegt -- SCCA Solo II - Car #193 (site pending)
Joel Schmidt -- Rally Cross
Richard Walker-Talbot -- US Touring Car Championship Car#7 (site pending)
April Smith -- Drag Racing - Cycle #608
Todd Lengacher -- Rally/Hillclimb - Car #205
James Unger -- Stage Rally / Drag Racing - Car #234
Kala Rounds -- Road Rally, Solo, Stage Rally, Rally Cross (pics pending)
Janice Damitio -- Stage Rally Car #217 (updated)
Chip Miller -- Stage Rally - Car #247 (pics pending)
Shadd Foster -- Fling Pu Racing Car #452 - Stage Rally (updated)
Cody Crane -- Stage Rally, Rally Cross - Car #649 (pics pending)

My Pregrid Website gives me the confidence to share my career with Friends, Fans and, most importantly, my new Sponsors.

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